Guest Engagement

Ensure guests are delighted by their experience at your property.

Communicate and engage with your guests before, during, and after their stay.

Create First Impressions and Set Expectations

EPC Conversations is a guest communication platform that can help you provide a unique and personalized travel experience for guests. Use it to deliver custom welcome messages, provide check-in details, and respond to guest requests.

Get Real-time Visibility into Your Guest's Stay

Real-time Feedback allows you to discover guest feedback during their stay in order to help resolve any issues while guests are still on-site. Receive alerts when guests submit feedback, then take action to ensure a positive experience.

Continue to Improve Guest Experiences

Identify guest feedback that requires attention and thank guests for staying with you through post-stay Guest Reviews. Easily monitor your property rating across Expedia group websites based on categories like cleanliness, service, and comfort.

Ready to Engage with Guests?

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Write a Great Guest Response

Say Thank You

For happy guests, a simple thank you means the world. Let guests know you appreciate the time they took to share their feedback or review, and that you hope to see them again at your property.

Be Personal

Address the guest by name if possible and be gracious. While the review or feedback may be negative and sometimes hurtful, an appropriate and sincere response on your part can help mitigate the effects of the review on travelers considering your property.

Apologize and Address

Address any negative feedback or reviews directly and show your genuine desire to improve any issues raised. Apologize and assure the guest that you are looking into it.

Respond in a Timely Manner

Incorporate the reading and responding of reviews into your daily routine. Responding as quickly as possible is one step you can take to help mend your relationship with an unhappy guest.

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