Optimize your visibility to Expedia travelers.

Explore ways to optimize your visibility and help maximize your exposure.

Optimize your Visibility Strategy with Accelerator

With Accelerator you can optimize your visibility when you need bookings, without impacting your Average Daily Rates. Our tools offer flexibility to adjust or delete as your needs change.

Accelerator is exclusive to your hotel; your dates and bid amounts are not shared and travelers are not alerted with badging or signage. Compensation is based on your successful bookings.

75% of click traffic goes to the first 15 spots in search results.

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The Basics of Visibility

Offer Strength

Offer Strength is your price relative to value. It includes things such as value, popularity, and customer relevance.

Quality Score

Your Quality Score is a measure of how attractive your property is to travelers. It includes rates, availability, content, and guest experience.


For partners with competitive Offer Strength and Quality Score, an Accelerator can help increase visibility during the times you need exposure most.

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