Create and control promotions that target your ideal travelers.

Attract more travelers with targeted promotions.

Extra Perks can be a Big Deal for Bookings

Value Add Promotions allow you to select from a list of promotional items and display a banner as part of your regular hotel listing. Protect your Average Daily Rates and help drive revenue to your onsite amenities.

Create Targeted Deals for our Most Valuable Members

Target over 73 million members on Expedia group websites, and a selection of our affiliates, with deals meant just for them. Members Only Deals let you stand out in the search results.

73 million: members in Expedia group websites whom you can target with a Members Only Deal.

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Appeal to Travel Members

Create a promotion for members of Expedia group websites; members book on average twice as many room nights and spend over two times that of non-members.

Connect with Last-Minute Travelers

Have a few extra rooms for today? Create a Sell Tonight promotion and optimize your visibility by targeting app users searching for last-minute deals.

Give your Property a Dedicated Placement

Secure a dedicated placement in search results with TravelAds, a sponsored listings product from Expedia Media Solutions.

Promote the Value of a Stay at your Property

Provide extra perks to your guests with a Value Add Promotion. Offer additional value for the same room rate.

Reach More Travelers

Utilize Expedia group’s additional advertising channels such as social media, TV, and printed ads to expand your reach. It only takes a few clicks.

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