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    Hoteliers should be panicking about AirBnB, says Ian Schrager


    Hoteliers should stop being in denial about the impact of home sharing on their business, believes Ian Schrager, the hotelier extraordinaire hailed for his ground-breaking concepts. “They should be panicking,” he said, during an interview at the Expedia Partner Conference in Las Vegas earlier this month. “The gloves have come off,” he said, jesting, “Airbnb is coming for our kids, better lock them up.”

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    Can Expedia transition to the travel industry’s tech partner?


    A transition appears to be underway as Expedia increases the number of technology solutions it offers and builds partnerships out across the industry but will this strategy succeed asks EyeforTravel’s new report into the online giant?

    Expedia ‘in pole position to be first $100bn agency


    Expedia boss Mark Okerstrom said he was optimistic about growth prospects for travel and that Expedia was well positioned to become the world’s first $100 billion travel agency. “The math and strategy are very much in our favour,” said Okerstrom when asked about Expedia’s prospects compared with those of rivals such as Airbnb and Google.

    How to Play the Infinite Game, Curing Loneliness with Travel and Living Forever


    Long game or infinite game, whatever the term you choose to use, I am sure there was purpose behind the choice of Simon Sinek as keynote speaker at the Expedia Partner Conference held in Las Vegas last week. Sinek, who’s working on a new book called “The Infinite Game”, drew an analogy between business and the Vietnam War in which Americans won every battle but still lost the war because “we were fighting to win, they were fighting for their lives”.

    Expedia tips voice as the biggest disrupter in travel

    12 DECEMBER 2017 | TTG ASIA

    Expedia Inc predicts that voice will trump over chatbots and artificial intelligence as the biggest disrupter in travel in the near term. The company, which said it spends some US$1.3 billion a year on technology, demonstrated the use of its voice-activated hotel booking app, Alexa, at the Expedia Partner Conference last week, showing how a customer can use voice to search, book, pay for a hotel booking, check-in and access the room key from the home screen of the app.

    Expedia poised to start tests of new packaging path exposing bundled savings to customers


    Expedia is poised to start trials of a new dynamic packaging service on its website that will allow its customers to keep track of savings as they bundle products. The OTA giant believes its approach of offering a full range of travel product on a single technology platform gives it a competitive edge over rivals that link components on separate product specific websites.

    Expedia Continues Global Push, Invests in New Tech To Power Hoteliers And Travellers


    The Expedia Partner Conference held in Las Vegas last week opened on a defiant and upbeat note. Mark Okerstrom, walking on stage after the opening rhythm and drum beats of Le Reve, The Dream, said that despite the crazy year of terrorism and natural disasters, the world travelled more in 2017 with 1.6 trillion trips, a 6% increase year-on-year.

    Why Mark Okerstrom Is Optimistic Of Future Despite Expedia’s Stock Plunge

    8 DECEMBER 2017 | TTG ASIA

    A combination of robust growth in global travel and a digital revolution sees Expedia’s new CEO Mark Okerstrom being hugely optimistic of the company’s future despite its recent stock plunge and a third-quarter loss of US$8 million. Addressing more than 5,000 partners attending Expedia Partner Conference 2017 in Las Vegas, Okerstrom trained their eyes on the long term and what Expedia intends to do to grow.

    Expedia CEO: Technology will win the day in travel


    Under the leadership of CEO Mark Okerstrom, Expedia Inc. aims to use technology to become more customer-centric. “In the race of man versus machine, in the area of delighting the customer, so far man has won,” Okerstrom said during the Expedia Partner Conference at the Aria Resort & Casino here on Wednesday. “But in the future, we think the machine can win.”

    Expedia Partner Conference 2017: ‘We’ll put the O back in OTA’, says new Expedia boss


    Expedia will strive to put the ‘O’ back into OTA new Expedia boss Mark Okerstrom told the global travel giant’s annual partner conference in Las Vagas this week. Okerstrom, formerly Expedia’s chief financial officer, took over from Dara Khosrowshahi three months ago after he unexpectedly quit to become the chief executive of Uber.

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