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Automate end-to-end inventory management processes.

Keep rates and availability current and stay up-to-date with reservations.

Optimize total inventory to fill your rooms

Automate your inventory management to easily provide full inventory across your marketing channels.

Get reservations delivered directly to your front desk

Electronic reservations help ensure near real-time data transfer and reduce the risk of double bookings.

Connected properties are 60% more likely to match room availability requests. *Expedia, Inc. 2016

Expedia Connectivity

Getting the Most Out of Expedia Connectivity

Select your service provider

Our solutions support integration with channel managers and property management and reservation systems. Find your best match on our Connectivity system providers page.

Maintain accurate and fresh availability
Real-time updates to your rates and availability via a direct connection can help achieve more consistent rates of occupancy and reduce overbooking errors.
Attract more travelers with targeted room types and rate plans
Automated room and rate plan management lets you easily create additional price plans and offerings to target specific guest segments. A wide selection of rate plans helps ensure that you can sell the right room to the right guest at the right price.
Manage your property in the marketplace
Leverage the suite of self-service tools available in Expedia PartnerCentral. From competitive analysis to promotions to guest engagement, the EPC platform lets you enhance your opportunities in the Expedia global marketplace.

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