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On vacation: Staying informed when you’re an owner-operator

The Partner Central app proves to be a great travel companion.

Taking an extended holiday when you’re an independent property owner is no easy feat. Not only do you need to ensure your employees are equipped to manage your business, you also need to feel confident leaving it in their hands. We sat down with Diane Cartmill, owner of La Costa Motel, to talk about how the Partner Central app helped her stay informed while on holiday.

It wasn’t until Diane found herself on an extended holiday that she saw the value in the Partner Central app. She had never had a need to use it since she was almost always near her computer, and was more familiar with the desktop version.

“We had relief managers staying at the motel for a three-month stint. That was when the app really came to life for me.”

Diane and her husband, John, are the owner operators of La Costa Motel, a 12-room motel situated between the Gold Coast Airport and the beautiful Bilinga Beach. They bought the property 17 years ago and have since renovated it. Although the motel now runs primarily as an overnight airport motel, its iconic 1950’s design makes it a popular location for photo and film shoots, as well as other events. Guests are offered vintage bike hire, wi-fi, continental breakfast, and free airport transfers.

Keeping in touch
Stepping away from a business can be challenging for owner-operators. With the Partner Central app, Diane was able to get regular notifications and keep track of who was checking in and view real-time feedback.

“I didn’t answer every message myself, but it gave me a real-time overview of what was happening at the motel.”

Every second day she reviewed her Competitive Set’s pricing to get a general idea of current rates, and even reminded her managers to implement ‘Sell tonight’ rates if there was any last-minute inventory still available to sell.

A different perspective
Being owner-operators, Diane and John are used to filling several roles on any given day. Whether they’re greeting guests, driving them to the airport, managing their social media accounts or tending to property maintenance, the day-to-day operations keep them busy all day long.

“What I didn’t realize, is that you look at your business in a different light when you’re away.”

Without the day-to-day operations taking up her time, Diane was free to update and refine details on her property listing, such as Points of Interest, and address accidentally overlooked messages.

Another great reason to work with Expedia Group
To Diane, the Partner Central app is just another benefit of working with Expedia Group. During the past 5 years she’s developed a strong business relationship with the local team, who continually help her to understand the websites and resolve her enquiries quickly.

“I actually cannot speak highly enough of your Gold Coast team. We have a wonderful business relationship.”

Diane also let us know that she’d love to receive notifications for new guest reviews. The good news is that notifications for guest reviews will be available in the app soon! Thanks for sharing your story Diane, and keep those good ideas coming. We’re always listening.

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Stephanie Scholl


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