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Introducing the Expedia Group Photo Toolkit

Make the most of your gallery with this new resource, designed to help you take and select the photos that travelers want to see.

Photos can make a huge impact on travelers’ interest in your property. In fact, according to one study, properties with at least one photo are +225% more likely to be booked, compared with properties with no photos.* But from there, what makes an attractive photo for a potential guest? Which photos do they need to see to make a decision?

Our Photo Toolkit is a new resource to help you answer those questions. Five separate sections cover:


Expedia Group photo guidelines. Understand the type, quantities, and quality of photos we recommend and why.






Smartphone photography tips. Get guidance on how to take inspiring property photos with your smartphone.






Room-by-room photo guidance. Learn how to best present the areas of your property that travelers want to see.






Property photo checklist. Use this one-page checklist to determine which areas require photographing, and to keep track of images during your photoshoot.






How to upload photos. See step-by-step instructions for how to upload your photos to your listing. This section also links to a Partner Central Help page with more troubleshooting tips for uploading photos.



The toolkit is designed to help you whether you’re taking your own photos or hiring a pro. Share our photo guidelines, photo checklist, and room-by-room guidance with your professional photographer to help them manage the photoshoot, or use this guidance to capture your own photos.

If you have gaps to fill in your photo coverage or a tight budget, taking your own photos is a great way to help make your listing more attractive to travelers. Most smartphone cameras now take high-resolution images. So even if you don’t have a professional camera, you can still create high-quality photos. Boost your confidence in setting up and capturing great photos by reading through the end-to-end toolkit.

Explore full photo toolkit >

* TripAdvisor, 2014

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Properties with at least one photo are +225% more likely to be booked, compared to those with no photos.*


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