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[Video] Connection, convergence, and innovation

Adam Anderson sits down with three industry experts to talk about travel trends in Asia, North America, and the UK and Europe.

During the Expedia Partner Conference, Adam Anderson, Director of Global Marketing at Expedia Inc. had the opportunity to sit down with a several industry experts from across the world to get their predictions of trends in hospitality and travel for 2018.

UK and Europe: Customer connection

Lee Hayhurst, Editor at Travolution UK, discusses hospitality trends in the UK and Europe, and how customer connection is still at the heart of the industry.

Connection, convergence, & innovation

North America: Collaboration and convergence

Nick Vivion, Editorial Director at tnooz speaks about the current state in hospitality industry in North America, how hoteliers can approach navigating the evolving landscape, and key industry trends to look out for in 2018.

Hospitality trends in North America

Asia: Inspiration and innovation

Siew Hoon Yeoh, Founder and Editor of Web in Travel, shares insights on how and why the travel industry is looking to Asia for inspiration, how Asia is leading the way in mobile, and shares her thoughts on opportunities and challenges for the Asia hotel industry.

Asia inspiration & innovation

Asia inspiration & innovation

Looking for more highlights? View more videos from the Expedia Partner Conference on our YouTube channel.

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