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[Video] 3 Expedians talk technology and travel trends

How Expedia is approaching product innovation, machine learning, and mobile trends in the rapidly evolving travel industry.

Every year at the Expedia Partner Central Conference we see amazing product innovations, but this year has seen some particularly amazing achievements. We had the chance to speak with three Expedians about the technology that is changing the way the travel industry operates, and how Expedia is innovating to create truly amazing guest experiences

Product innovation at Expedia

Arthur Chapin, Senior Vice President of Global Product and Design at Expedia, Inc., speaks with Adam Jay, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Product at about the latest technology Expedia is developing for its partners and customers. Spoiler alert: it includes voice functionality.

Society, technology, & humanity

Machine learning, humanity, and travel

In part one, John Kim, President of HomeAway speaks with Kurien Jacob, Principal at Highgate Hotels about societal issues caused by technology and automation, and how travel is able to offer solutions to some of these problems. In part two, he talks about the needs of today’s travelers, and how HomeAway is keeping up with the ever-evolving travel industry.

The needs of today’s travelers

Machine learning

Latest mobile trends

Brent Harrison, Vice President, Global Product at Expedia Inc., walks through some of the key trends in mobile for 2018 with Arthur Chapin, Senior Vice President of Global Product and Design at Expedia, Inc. He also answers the big question: iPhone X or Pixel 2?


Latest mobile trends

Looking for more highlights? View more videos from the Expedia Partner Conference on our YouTube channel.

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