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Guest Review Widgets: Building trust to get bookings

An early adopter uses EPC to help achieve his primary goal: make every guest happy.

After the recent launch of Guest Review widgets in Expedia PartnerCentral, we were excited to see some early adopters implement widgets on their sites and start showing off a little. I caught up with one of those partners, Bjorn Brandt the owner and creator of happy home Budapest, to hear more about how EPC is helping him keep his commitment to guest experience.


Tell me a bit about your property.

More than just a place to stay, happy home Budapest offers 9 unique and fully equipped apartments for short-term rent, ideal for 2 to 4 people, perfectly located in the heart of Budapest.

Each apartment has a main floor that includes a trendy living area, a modern bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen. A comfortable double bed can be found on an extra mezzanine, and a sofa-bed can accommodate additional guests. Standing out from the crowd, this all comes with a series of free extras including among other things, a pinball machine, pocket-Wi-Fi to be online anywhere at anytime, a minibar, and coffee & tea.

How important is guest experience to happy home Budapest?

Everything we do revolves around one single focus: to make every guest happy. The guest relations tools in Expedia PartnerCentral help us deliver on that goal. Starting EPC Conversations, acting on every piece of Real-time Feedback, and responding to each post-trip review helps us ensure our guests have a seamless, easy, fun, and happy experience.

Why have you chosen to implement Guest Review widgets?

We have relatively high guest review scores, so it makes sense to highlight them and support our brand marketing. Many travelers do not trust a small property’s individual website; we gain some credibility and trust by presenting review scores from renown brands like Expedia and on our site while providing an alternate booking option. In the end, I believe in a healthy, fair, and natural spread of bookings through all channels.

Was it easy to download and implement the widget?

In full disclosure, I did run into a minor technical issue with implementing two widgets exactly as I would have liked to, but I was able to use a workaround thanks to the Expedia team who was available and very responsive to help support me. All in all, very easy to implement!

What are you looking forward to in the new year?

We wish to further explore new and modern ways to sustain the business and create happy guest experiences, as well as continuing to grow our relationship with our trusted, local Expedia Market Management team.

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