New Rev+ Features Driven By Partner Feedback

Since Rev+ was released this past year, we have been actively collecting feedback from our hotel partners to better understand what you like in the tool, as well as where you see opportunities for improvement. What we learned is that although Rev+ offers a multitude of valuable revenue management features, the breadth of them can sometimes be overwhelming.

Keeping this in mind, we refocused our attention to simplify the Rev+ UI and introduce data science to provide a cleaner, smarter experience. The tool continues to become more intuitive with every version so you can better understand and interpret the data being showcased for your property. With the new design, Rev+ brings focus to features and details that aim to help you improve revenue performance in a clear, direct manner. In addition to that, Rev+ now automatically highlights details in the market around occupancy, pricing and events, providing insights into your hotel’s performance, with more accuracy than ever before.

The new features are:

Market Occupancy Forecast: This new feature replaces Market Demand Score to provide more information about compression. After developing our predictive formula, our data scientists can now estimate how many rooms will be sold in a destination, on a specific date, in the future.

Price Optimization: A new feature that alerts you when your price could be optimized for that day to help you improve your revenue performance.

Alerts Customization: You decide which alerts you want to receive and how often by customizing your Market Alerts.

Login to Rev+ to explore the new features that can help you become a more efficient revenue manager for your property.



Dalia Woroniec



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