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Expedia Powered Technology

Expedia’s new suite of software and technology products for hotel partners marks shift in company’s value proposition.

Expedia Powered Technology, a toolkit of technology, marketing and data offerings designed to help hotel partners drive knowledge and efficiencies to grow their business has just been announced. Originally introduced as a series of test-and-learns based on feedback from partners, the offerings have evolved into bespoke products for select strategic hotel partners, and reflect our increased focus on partner value beyond a sole distribution channel.

Expedia Powered Technology was born from rethinking how we work with our hotel partners – through listening to their needs, and leveraging our technology as a driver for industry solutions.  We are working to ensure we can not only provide distribution and new audiences for our partners, but also help solve for other challenges they may have. As we make the shift to strategically focus on needs of evolving business solutions, we are committed to using our resources and technology to create new product offerings that help our partners reach their goals.


Expedia Powered Technology is a robust and growing suite of products that includes:


  • Private Label Packages: Originally a test-and learn solution for hotel partners looking to grow their business through the powerful package path, product development for Packages has grown to now offer Expedia Group’s best-in-class dynamic packaging technology to other multi-property partners, including Barceló and Vacations by Marriott.Omni Hotels & Resorts is the latest partner to take advantage of Expedia Group’s package solution. “Omni Hotels & Resorts is excited to further leverage our marketing partnership with Expedia Group to bring our guests the option to book their total vacation experiences directly with us,” said Peter Strebel, chief marketing officer and senior vice president of sales for Omni Hotels & Resorts.
  • Partner Loyalty Enrollment: Initially tested with Red Lion Hotels Corporation last fall, the technology has advanced to now allow hotel partners to enlist and sign up users from Expedia Group sites for their brand loyalty programs. This program has grown to include three other chains. Find out more about how it works here.
  • MICE Booking Technology: The MICE solution is the first tool that truly automates the booking process for meeting organizers and hotels in real time, making RFPs (requests for proposals) a thing of the past. Hotels can increase MICE sales efficiency by integrating the MICE online booking engine on their website, allowing customers to configure and directly book their meeting, including group lodging, online. This technology further enables hoteliers to yield prices for meetings and groups, based on multiple dynamic criteria to increase revenue. The MICE solution is currently live with Best Western Central Europe with promising results. A global rollout will begin soon. Want to learn more? Check this article.
  • TravelAds Direct: Expedia Group is currently testing more digital marketing opportunities that directly address partner feedback and needs. Last year Expedia Group began offering TravelAds Direct, a link-off version of its popular pay per click program that puts hotels in front of one of the largest online travel audiences in the world. The link-off sponsored listing product offers a direct click-through to the advertising hotel’s website, resulting in easier price comparison for consumers, and more potential brand touch points, bookings, and loyalty for hotels. Expedia Group is currently testing more media solutions that directly address partner feedback and needs. For example, when Loews was looking to promote its Cyber Sale, it ran a TravelAds Direct campaign with Expedia Group Media Solutions during Black Friday & Cyber Monday. As a result of the campaign, Loews had an overall return on ad spend of $5.43:$1.
  • Rev+: As part of Expedia Group Partner Central, our partner portal which helps hotels manage their properties and rates, Rev+ is a revenue management tool designed to provide actionable data and insights to empower you to make smart decisions to optimize your revenue. Rev+, an essential tool for revenue managers, comes at no additional costs for hotel partners, and doesn’t require additional sign-up. Read more here.

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