Introducing EPC Points of Interest

6 June 2017   | 

When planning a trip, travelers first select their destination and then they select their hotel. Hotel location is critical to travelers making a booking decision and our partners are the local experts who can help travelers decide which hotel is most appropriate for them based on the experience they would like to have.

Introducing New Points of Interest (POI) in EPC

With our completely redesigned Points of Interest in EPC, our partners can now include local experiences in their value proposition to travelers who shop on and Watch our latest EPC Product Team video featuring Nathan Rohm, Product Manager for EPC Points of Interest, and learn why his team built this new feature for our partners:

EPC Points of Interest

Differentiate your property in the Expedia Marketplace

Partners can now curate the Top 10 Points of Interest (POI) for their property. We generate a Top 10 list for each property based on a number of factors such as distance and popularity. Partners can delete POI that aren’t relevant and add new landmarks that are. They can even create new Points of Interest that don’t currently exist in our Expedia database by searching Google places.

Partners can also add custom content for their local landmarks; upload a custom photo and add a tip for travelers about why each landmark is a must see for their location.

Appeal to destination travelers

Creating a custom list of POI is incredibly powerful. Imagine you have a property in Kentucky bourbon country. The POI list that we auto-generate for you might include everything from a local park to the nearby airport – but what if you know that the majority of your guests book your hotel so that they can tour the local bourbon distilleries? With EPC Points of Interest, you can now add each local distillery as a POI, which will include a local map showing the proximity to your hotel and calculate the distance in miles.

Or perhaps you are a hotel near a waterpark that caters to families with small children. You can update your POI to not only include the distance to the waterpark, you can also include POI that would be relevant to families with small children such as proximity to the 24 hour grocery store or a nearby park with an amazing playground and plenty of picnic tables.

Learn more about improving your property content and differentiating your property in the Expedia marketplace.



Location is key, especially for leisure travelers. They want to experience the best our city has to offer with the limited time they are here.



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