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Transform guest reviews into actionable insights

Utilize guest feedback to make decisions that help improve your online reputation, attract more travelers, and enhance guest experiences at your property. New Guest Review Insights in Expedia PartnerCentral (EPC) transforms unstructured guest feedback into actionable, quantifiable data regarding how guests feel about a stay at your property.

Get to know Guest Review Insights

Why we built this:

Post-stay guest reviews are incredibly valuable for both you, our partners, and for online shoppers. Online reviews provide detailed information regarding how guests feel about a stay at your property.

As you know, guest reviews are often collections of feedback across many that summarize both the great (and sometimes not-so-great) experiences at your property. But the reviews score doesn’t tell the whole story. The review score is an over all summary number, can include both positive and negative information about categories.

So how do you sort through hundreds of guest reviews to find the meaningful insights about your key amenities and features? How do you determine if, for example, 60% of your guests love your breakfast but 30% are saying negative things about your pool?

Introducing Guest Review Insights. You can now track guest sentiment over time about your top property amenities. Additionally,  you can compare how your guests feel about your amenities compared to how guests feel about your competitive sets’ amenities. Do guests say positive things about your pool vs. your competitor’s pool? What are guests writing about your competitor’s new brunch menu? All of this data is now instantly available in Expedia PartnerCentral.

How it works:

We use sentiment analysis to tell you how your property is performing across key property categories. Our analytics engine reads through all of your reviews and breaks them into comparable chunks of information. We then identify if the information is positive or negative based on the terms used by the reviewer. We give the information a ranking and then categorize it for our partners. This allows you to quickly filter your guest reviews and evaluate how your guests feel about each of your amenities.

We also read through publicly facing reviews across Expedia group websites for competitors that you have identified in your Competitive Set. You can directly compare your guest reviews per category against your competitors and read direct quotes extracted from guest reviews and view trends graphed over time.

Is this available to all partners?

Sentiment analysis is currently available for guest reviews in English and we are making it available to partners who have a substantial volume of English guest reviews.

Start exploring Guest Review Insights in Expedia PartnerCentral.



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