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Quality score best practices

Sit down with the Product Manager behind Quality Score.

First things first, can you tell us a bit about the product you work on?

Quality Score measures how well a hotel partners with Expedia and treats Expedia customers. The better the partnership, the higher the score. Scores are based on the following factors: competitiveness of a hotel’s rates and availability compared to other similar hotels on the Expedia sites, customer experience (refunds and relocations), and content.

Quality Score is one of the three ‘pillars’ that determine visibility in the sort order, the others being Offer Strength and Compensation. Therefore, maintaining a good Quality Score is essential if a hotel wants to optimize its visibility in the sort order.

Quality Score saw some big changes happen in 2016. Can you elaborate on what you think were the biggest steps forward for the product?

This year we launched the Quality Score page in EPC, which was a big deal for us. It provides hotels the information they need to better understand their score. Improved understanding makes it easier to maintain a good score in future.

The page contains a chart showing how long it takes a score to recover to ‘good’. This is important, as recovery isn’t immediate. Until it launched, we were only able to provide this information on an ad-hoc basis, so are especially pleased to now have it live.

What is the biggest misconception about Quality Score?

The biggest misconception is that we’re the bad guys. It’s not true!

We’re looking out for the interests of our customers. It’s important they get the best possible experience when visiting our websites, and during their hotel stay. It’s this sentiment that drives the design of Quality Score.

If a hotel does partner well, they benefit from the Expedia Marketplace, so it’s a mutually beneficial situation all round.

Another misconception is that scores recover to ‘good’ immediately when issues are resolved. This is not the case, as there is a lag to recovery, as you can see through the Recovery Chart projected trend line.

What are some best practices for Quality Score?

  • The Expedia Marketplace is a dynamic environment, and things can change quickly. It’s in a hotel’s best interest to take quick action on any factors impacting their score that arise.
  • Reach out to your Market Manager or Help Team whenever you have any questions. If you’re confused or in the dark on how the process works, let’s get that sorted out sooner rather than later. Our partnership is a combined effort, and we’re willing to help!

What can we expect for 2017?

We’ll be adding more factors to Quality Score. These will be slightly different, in that they’ll be positive factors that fall into the calculation of the score, rather than only negative factors.

As we make changes to the score, we’ll also reflect these in the Quality Score page. So expect this to get even better.

We also plan to send email notifications in a more timely fashion. This will be available in EPC too.



“We're looking out for the interests of our customers. It's important they get the best possible experience when visiting our websites, and during their hotel stay."



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