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Delivering consistent guest engagement

I recently headed to Las Vegas – the entertainment capital of the word – to talk with Stephanie Cloud, Director Leisure Sales & Marketing at MGM Resorts International. She has worked closely with our EPC Product Management and Development teams this past year to help test new features and provide invaluable end-user feedback. We spent the day together exploring the beautiful ARIA Resort and Casino, and talking guest engagement.

Improving guest engagement

We’re sitting in the beautiful ARIA Resort and Casino today. Tell me a little about the property.

“The ARIA Las Vegas was built in 2011, it’s part of MGM Resorts International. It is a modern, luxury property with over 4,000 rooms, so it’s quite large. There are a couple things that make it unique. First of all, the ARIA Campus is the world’s largest environmentally sustainable, mixed-use new construction development to achieve LEED® certification. Sustainability plays a part in everything; from the design of the building, to operations, and even to our guest experience. The ARIA Fine Art Collection is also a highlight of the property. It is the first major permanent collection of art in Las Vegas to be integrated in public spaces where guests can interact with important works.”

You mentioned guest experience. What does guest experience mean to MGM Resorts International?

“We want to entertain, engage and inspire our guests. It’s our core values here at MGM Resorts. It’s very important that we are providing the best experiences; the most memorable experiences; for our guests. We work with a number of OTA partners, and our ability to deliver that level of service was limited since we could not reach those guests prior to their arrival. EPC Conversations has been a game changer, allowing us to reach out to guests post-booking and start helping them tailor their experience.”

Since its launch, you’ve played a key role in helping our teams test and learn with EPC Conversations. Tell me a little about that experience.

“Sure. The most frustrating thing when the tool first launched was that we had to go into every reservation, copy and paste what we wanted to say, then hit send. It limited our use, as it could take hours to send an email to 50 reservations. The EPC Product Management team has been really responsive. They understand that we are the end-user and really listen to our feedback, working to find solutions that solve our needs. We’ve seen constant, small improvements throughout the past twelve months, most importantly the templates and bulk send enhancements. It’s very efficient now; allowing us to send customized emails to hundreds of guests with 1-click.”

Do you have a final thought to share in terms of the guest engagement tools available in EPC?

“The addition of EPC Conversations has really rounded out the whole experience for guest engagement. We’re able to start engaging with guests before they even arrive. During their stay we can get a temperature check on how their experience is going with Real-time Feedback. Then with Guest Reviews we get our final report card of how their stay was and are able to address anything from there. The tools in EPC for guest engagement are rewarding, because they give us the opportunity to provide the best service to our guests.”

Thanks for talking with me today.

“Thank you.”

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“The tools in EPC for guest engagement are rewarding, because they give us the opportunity to provide the best service to our guests.”



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